Thank you for your interest in TorkLaw. We have provided this Legal Help Center and Frequently Asked Questions section to help arm you will the information, tools and research needed to make informed legal decisions about your personal injury case. Below are some common questions about our law firm.

Why Choose Us?

In the past two years alone, The Torkzadeh Law Firm has obtained over $50 million dollars in judgments, verdicts and settlements on behalf of injured victims and their families. When a client is accepted by our firm, a team of lawyers (not just 1 lawyer or paralegal) is assigned to a case to properly handle all aspects of representation. Our staff is available 24/7 and communication with every client is a priority.  Our firm does not charge you by the hour or charge any initial retainer or fee.  In fact, we advance all (yes ALL) costs of prosecuting your case and ONLY get paid if we win your case.  If we do not win, you don’t owe us a penny – not even the costs. With over 35+ years of legal experience, we have received nearly every recognition and award in the legal industry.

  • No Fee Unless We Win
  • 24/7 Free Legal Consultation by a Lawyer
  • We Will Come To You
  • All Expenses Advanced
  • 35+ Years of Combined Legal Experience
  • Millions Obtained on Behalf of Injured Victims
  • Received Nearly Every Legal Award and Recognition in the Industry
  • Published Authors and Nationally Recognized Lawyers
  • Latest in Technology for Client Communications

I can't afford a lawyer. What can I do?

At TorkLaw, we only work on a contingency fee basis.  That means, we only get paid if we win your case.  There are no upfront charges, no retainer fee and we don’t charge you by the hour.  In fact, we advance and pay all the expenses in the prosecution of your case and will only get those back if we win your case. If we don’t win, you don’t owe us a penny – not even for the costs.  There is never an obligation or risk to you.

Do you charge a consultation fee?

Absolutely not.  There is no charge to meet with one of our lawyers for a legal consultation.  Our lawyers are available 24/7 to speak with you about your case and provide you with a legal evaluation of your case.  Our lawyers can come to your home or work and can also do phone consultations.  Appointments are available at one of our convenient office locations throughout California.  Call today and book your no obligation, confidential and FREE consultation 888-710-8383

I can't come to the office. Can you come to me?

Absolutely yes!  Our lawyers are available to come to any convenient location that works for your schedule.  You can call us today to set that appointment – our agents are available 24/7 – call now:  888-710-8383

How can I join the Don't Text & Drive Campaign?

Absolutely.  Our popular Don’t be a dummy, Don’t Text & Drive Campaign continues throughout the year. Watch the video below to be added to our email list. We will contact you to confirm and provide you with your free t-shirt and bracelet.